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Have you ever thought of smelling invitingly different from other people around you? Have you ever been complimented with such comments like “Oh, I like your perfume, what’s the name?”


Some people know the different scents of virtually all brands of perfume and they will tell you the name offhand. That doesn’t sound so nice. Does it?


But you can smell uniquely distinct, making all heads turning round to steal another gaze at you. Sure, you don’t mind that! That’s what you get when you wear a natural perfume made purely from all-natural ingredients.


Basically, perfumes made from organic or natural ingredients are generally safe, have a better scent, and are distinct.



Why The Perfumes Made Only From Natural Ingredients?


There are so many benefits of perfumes derived from natural ingredients.


They are free from toxic chemicals that can harm your body.

If they are made purely from organic ingredients and in appropriate dosages, they are unlikely to cause skin irritation, bleaching, skin cancer, and other body harms.

Perfumes from natural sources are somewhat cheaper.

Natural ingredients perfumes are unique and distinct in their fragrances.


Here are some natural ingredients for perfumes.



Lavender, as a member of the mint family, is likely the most widely used as a natural ingredient in perfumes. With its calming aromatic and soothing qualities, lavender is used in perfumery. It has proven qualities to subdue anxiety and enhances sleep. Extracts of Lavandula latifolia and Lavandula intermedia are commonly used as natural essential oils in perfumery. Lavender can be made to achieve herby note, cool herby note, or hot herby note. Lavender extract is moderately inputted into feminine scents, and is also used in unisex fragrances.



Marigolds are members of the sunflower family. It is cheaply available all over the world. Marigolds have a very unmistakable musky, pungent smell.

Don’t get scared about that; it’s not intolerable though!

They are a very good source of tagetes oil, obtained from the seeds of Marigolds. Marigolds feature prominently in men perfumes, but they find a very good addition in women’s perfumes too.


Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is a fresh and evergreen plant known for its therapeutic uses in smoothing the skin scars and treatment of burns such as sunburn. It is essentially used in some natural perfumes as an ingredient.



The Date is sometimes referred to as ‘Fruit of Heaven’. Date fruit is naturally somewhat dry. It has a conceit sweetness, smell of caramel. For its fruity sweet fantasy smell, Dates are used in perfumery most importantly in gourmand fragrances giving them a tint of caramel and buttery sweetness.



Hyacinth flowers grow wildly during the raining season. Hyacinthus orientalis which originate in Syria and Turkey is now generously grown in most parts of the world. The oil of hyacinth is extracted for use in perfumery as a natural ingredient. Though the hyacinth oil is expensive, it still finds its way into the perfumery compositions as an essential oil.


Now check out some completely natural perfumes from all-natural ingredients.



 Vered Organic Botanicals is one of the greatest collections of natural perfumes and natural oils presented in an array of scents. They are hand-blended with the highest quality 100% natural essential oils.  Vered Organic Botanical all-natural ingredients offer several distinct fragrance options. Divinité  and Singnature are certainly two worth mentioning.



Yuzu Citrine Natural Perfume Roll-On takes its name after a Japanese citrus fruit called Yuzu. The perfume is derived from 100% natural essential oils and other natural ingredients like flowers, citrus, fruit, seeds, leaves, grasses, wood bark and spices derived from the absolute extraction process. These are then blended with natural jojoba oil as the base. Presented in a roll-on ball of quality citrine, the fragrance is invitingly unique. The perfume helps to reduce stress, enhance confidence, and promote digestion.



This pure natural perfume made from all-natural ingredients is fresh, bright, and lovely. It comes with a light scent that is not too intense. It is derived from a careful blend of citrus and floral notes. It contains natural coconut oil and some natural essential oils, absolutes and extracts. Its long-lasting effect on the body makes it a delight to users. One light application lasts for a long time.



Florescent is a wonderful all-natural perfume purely hand-blended. The fragrance is akin to the freshness scents of outdoor plants, herbs, and flowers. Formulated with 100% organic ingredients. Florescent offers a reminiscence of a fresh horticultural garden. The essential oils extracts, resins, and balsams extracts are crafted with organic grape alcohol as diluents. Florescent natural perfume is presented in diverse fragrances; Pretty Bird, which is earthy and warm, Sundays, which is floral and woodsy, and Gateau, which is sweet and floral. Each comes as either spray or roll-on.



With its adoring name, Juniper Ridge is quite distinct as a 100% pure natural perfume from all-natural organic ingredients. Juniper Ridge does not take the usual form of spray or roll-on, rather it has a waxy and solid form. The ingredients for this solid waxy perfume include natural essential oils which serve as the aromatic base of the scents, jojoba oil, and beeswax. It is a unisex perfume in assorted earthy fragrances like what you get in a beautiful flowers field. Some of the well-cherished range includes Coastal Pine, which is ocean air and pines and Cascade Forest which is woodsy in scent.



Perfumes made from natural ingredients are also easy to make and customize to meet your own needs in a “Do-It-Yourself” scheme.

You stand a great deal of opportunity to gain the healing benefits of all the natural ingredients used in blending them.

You can make your blends from natural ingredients of your choice to get that distinctive, natural fragrance different from the stocks in the market.

You are sure of what ingredients you are putting on your body.

They are truly a joy to make by choosing the types of natural ingredients you prefer and blending them in the comfort of your home.




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