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Hi there, and welcome to greenAHAmo.com! Our own little world of green living, health, wellbeing,
and spirituality to help you live your best life!

Looking for a way to reconnect with the natural world through forest therapy? Wanting to get
back to nature by learning about how to start a “green routine”, or maybe you’re already green
to the core and growing your own vegetable patch? Whatever point you are at; everyone is
welcome here.

Establishing a new way of living or even creating a brand new routine to get our neurons firing
again can be a challenge, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be fun. Here at greenAHAmo.com, we
understand that sometimes we all need a bit of help to understand what options are out there,
and what we can do to make these positive changes in our lives. Starting with an open mind is the first step, and if you’re passionate about living a worthwhile and inspiring life, you’ve already done half the work!

Living a healthy life covers so many areas; diet, exercise, meditation, mindfulness, toxic-free, low
pollution etc. the list can go on forever, but we can help you make sense of the confusion and
provide some clarity on what we can all do to be thriving human beings.

Start your journey now!

From Reiki to retreats, plastic-free to plant-based and craniosacral therapy to charcoal tablets; the “eco-friendly” individuals often find themselves in an abyss of products, complimentary therapies, influencers claiming that their keto/paleo/vegan/gluten-free diet is the best way to go, and celebrities telling you to stop contributing to fast fashion whilst they shoot an ad for the latest high street store. It’s a minefield, and we started to ask ourselves, how do we stay authentic to who we are and what we believe in when everyone is constantly telling us we are doing things wrong?

Here at greenAHAmo.com, we believe that even the smallest change can make a difference to the world. Whether it’s buying a reusable straw, reading an article on how to make your own cleaning products, or walking your kid to school rather than driving – it doesn’t have to be a chore or something to feel guilty about. So please don’t berate yourself whenever you forget your plastic bag and have to buy one at the supermarket, or because you can’t find chocolate spread you like that doesn’t contain palm oil (first world problems).

The modern way of living brings a lot of challenges our way, especially when we just want to do a good job of living a happy life. We want to help people have an amazing existence, and whilst doing so, wouldn’t it be awesome if we could make the world a better place too? So glad you agree, and that’s probably why you’ve found your way here.

Our goal is to bring together this complicated world of health and wellbeing, into a simple space where you can find insight, intelligence and integrity, to help improve your life.

Get in touch now, and we will be happy to answer any queries you may have!

All the best,

Green Team

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