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We all know that water is essential to our lives and our wellbeing.


Aside from making plants grow and being the main character in those beautiful summer days at the beach, it is the humble source of all life on Earth.


We know that we need some every day to survive, and we learn in primary school that a significant percentage of our bodies actually is water.


Hydration is vitally important for our memory, mood and concentration. It is important for our cardiovascular health, as well as skin, joint and muscle wellbeing. It even improves your reaction speed!


This goes to show how critical it is to our life and stands as evidence as to why we should be very careful about how we think about water, and what sort of water we put into our bodies.


It’s no surprise that filtered water has recently surged in popularity. This has come hand-in-hand with people beginning to realize the harmful effects of chemicals common in tap water such as fluoride and chlorine. Although these additives do create a sterile water supply, recent studies have begun to reveal a range of concerning effects on our health and wellness.


Dangers with tap water 

Originally touted as a helpful aid to oral hygiene, fluoride has been added to the water of many cities worldwide. Since it began being added to water in the 1940s, questions have been raised over whether it makes any difference to tooth decay. Areas which have removed the chemical, like Canada, have not shown an increase in tooth decay.


Over-exposure in children has also been linked to fluorosis, which stains the teeth. Most recently, a 2019 study has recently indicated potential links between pregnant mothers drinking fluoridated water and reduced IQ in babies.


Chlorine and chloramine are disinfectants used to reduce bacteria and viruses in the water supply. The danger with these chemical additives is the reaction they have when exposed to organic matter such as leaves, which creates a byproduct ten thousand times more toxic than the original chemical. Studies have also linked chlorine and chloramine to increased rates of miscarriage and cancer.


As if that wasn’t enough, degrading pipes used to transport water to your home – pipes which might have been in place for many decades – can cause contaminants like lead to seep into the water supply in potentially unknown doses.


More and more, people are becoming aware of these risks with tap water.


But contaminants aren’t the only concern; many studies now show that tap water is over-filtered, removing the minerals and electrolytes vital to our health. In nature, water is filtered by rocks and sand and soil until it is clean and pure; but it also picks up minerals along the way that are vital to our wellbeing, which are stripped away by the sterilization process that tap water goes through before it leaves your tap.


On top of everything else, water also needs to have the right pH level to be absorbed into the body and provide a counterbalance to our modern lives, which fill our stomachs with acidic food and drink.


Alkaline water helps the body balance the acid it produces to break down food, and causes the body to release Alkaline buffers, which act as antioxidants and neutralize dangers of free radicals in the body.


However, if the body receives water which is too alkaline, it will be thrown out of balance and start to produce more acid to restore the balance, which starts the negative effects all over again.


The Solution 

Thankfully, there is an alternative to the dangers of tap water, and one that doesn’t mean you have to live on tank water and run around outside catching drops of rain. Filtered water.


There is a huge number of filtration systems available, and although there is a variety of different approaches and techniques, they all focus around the core principles of removing chemicals and additives in water to purify tap water.


However, filtration, just like the sterilization process of tap water, can also strip minerals from water. So filtration systems need to be careful not to over-filter the tap water until they remove all the minerals that we need to properly absorb the water and achieve the hydration we need.


The Zazen Water system takes this one step further. Actually, it takes it ten steps further; using a ten-step process to reduce fluoride and other chemicals, while slightly alkalizing the pH to an optimal level and demineralizing the water as required. Compared to many other filters it provides water with significantly higher sodium, potassium, magnesium, calcium and silica, and balances the pH level without over-alkalizing it, ensuring the water we drink has just the right pH level to be absorbed quickly and provide the hydration support we need.



To be truly beneficial, water needs to be cleansed and purified, remineralized as it would be in nature, and pH-balanced for our needs.


Zazen water ticks all the boxes when it comes to clean, pure and mineralized alkaline water – without the need for electricity or plumbing.


Proper hydration is vital to our lives, and when it comes to creating the best water for genuine, healthy hydration, zazen Water has put in the work to make sure they provide one of the best filtration systems money can buy.

By no means purchase anything before doing thorough research…

So, are you going to start “drinking differently”?!

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